5 Benefits Of Using Turnstiles For Your Business

For most of the last century, crowd management has always been crucial to several industries. Research shows that just the software part is set to reach a net worth of more than SGD 3.3 billion globally by 2027, particularly in high-density countries like China, South Korea, and India. Turnstiles have been integral to them, being used everywhere, from malls to metro stations. If you want to know how they can benefit your business, this is just the guide for you. We’ll discuss the top 5 benefits of turnstile integration to a commercial site.

What Is a Turnstile?

In simple terms, a turnstile (also known as a baffle gate) allows one person to enter a designated area through a cyclical gap. That rotates after a method of authentication from any individual. While earlier versions were mechanical, electronically activated turnstiles constitute today’s most widespread access control system.

Turnstile Integration. Close up of modern turnstiles for the passage of subway trains transport/ railway station, inside. Entrance in metro with electronic card access.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Turnstile for Your Business?

Given their tried-and-tested design, turnstiles can bring various advantages to any business. A few notable ones include the following.

1. Improves Security

The most apparent application of turnstile integration is to strengthen the security of any site. With adequate integrations with smart automation, you require only limited security personnel to man the entry/exit points. The most significant benefit of turnstiles is that they possess a backup in case of power failures. It’s pretty straightforward to install an inverter that links to multiple units. They also can last for hours, even with limited battery density.

2. Efficient Throughput, Lesser Traffic in Entry

A turnstile is quite efficient when it comes to crowd control. You can remove bottlenecks within small areas by placing only a few units. The rate of malfunctions is low, and there are never any harmful parts that can harm an individual physically. Unlike other mechanisms, such as revolving doors, turnstiles can accommodate the physically disabled and their luggage.

Turnstile Integration. Close-up view to turnstile. Frame. Electronic access control security system indoor side view. Close-up view of hand of man applying pass to turnstile.

3. Support for Multiple Access Tokens

The speed of authentication is necessary to de-clutter a crowded area. It also doesn’t bode well to keep your visitors waiting in extended lines. Turnstiles have a sleek design that lets you install systems for quickly authenticating access. You can also have multiple verification methods, such as RFIDs, biometrics, and mobile access control, all working within a single entry point. It helps the visitors choose their preferred method or have a backup in case they no longer access it.

4. Access Control Integration

Due to their modular design, turnstiles can conveniently integrate with most systems without extensive modifications. You can make it work with swipe cards, barcodes, biometric data readers, and even mobile devices.

5. Operational Flexibility

Regardless of what kind of turnstiles you wish to install, you always have the option to customise them to your developing needs. You can install cloud-based systems that ensure data privacy, granting your employees and visitors confidence that they’re only being monitored as necessary.

Final Thoughts

Turnstile integration holds several beneficial promises for your enterprise. With an adequate system, you never have to worry about overcrowding your business space ever again. Still, it helps to choose the ideal service that can effectively cater to your needs. Why not connect with Qbasis for a free quote? We can guide you through a suitable solution that fits your budget.

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