Visitor management system enhancements for increased efficiency and security is a popular solution for businesses today towards digitalisation. This involves automation and digitalisation of the traditional visitor management system processes. There is a wide variety of enhancements and additional modules for the visitor management system. This article discusses VMS upgrades to increase security.

Deploying Centralised Visitor Management System Software

The common first step to moving away from the traditional visitor management system process is by deploying a centralised software, digitalising documentation of visitor check-ins and outs and saving guest information. The visitor logs store guest details securely and digitally. This feature provides an accessible reference in case of an evacuation or emergency. It also increases the visibility of guests who signed in and signed out of the premise. Authorised persons in the office can easily be in-the-know on which guests are present in the premise.

For additional security, advanced VMS software can also set custom authorisation levels for guests or group of guests. The host can also identify if a guest needs an escort in the premise. Pre-screening visitors is also available for VMS software. It is also possible to create a banned list. When unwanted visitors are attempted to enter the premise,  the hosts can receive instant notifications alert. On-site guest authorisations grant verification by hosts and deny access for banned visitors.

Integrating Mobility Solutions for Process Automation

Integrating mobile scanners to your visitor management system does not only increase efficiency but also enhances security. Using scanners can make sure only guests with authorised codes or identifier can enter the establishment. Single-use or multi-visit use visitor codes are also an option to control visitor access. The process can be levelled up by activating facial recognition as well. Verified guests can undergo photo capture for easy identification.

Label and Visitor Badge Printing

Visitor badges make identity verification of guests easy. Obtaining the badges verifies that the guest underwent registration. There is also faster guest distinction and identification, speeding up check-in and check-out processes.

Access Point Integration with Visitor Management System

The VMS can be integrated with entry or exit access points in the area. Turnstiles and door access system integration are examples of these. Another option is a card access system  to make sure only tenants enter the building.

Strengthen Documentation

Generate useful insights based on visitor movements and develop a wide knowledge base of visitors. Flexible collection of information allows easy and secured capture of data. Sensitive information is encrypted for data privacy compliance. Documentation makes it easier to course correct and identify errors.  It allows flexible collection of data by utilising its real-time multi-fields search and filters and have full visibility of guests’ attendance.

When choosing a visitor management solution for your building, make sure that the components above are at least available to ensure security enhancement. Qbasis Visitor Management System solution offers VMS features for security enhancements and increased productivity with customisable modules to make sure the solution tailor fits the need of your company. Contact us today for your business productivity needs.